3 New Music Videos

I’m thrilled to announce the release of three new music videos for “Pushing Through”, “Riding on the Same Train” and “Till Love Finds Me Again.”

All three songs are on out latest album, “The Hero’s Journey” (Release: Dec 7th, 2017), and all three videos bring you “in-the-studio” for a behind-the-scenes look at the recording process.

You can watch “Pushing Through” on this page.

To watch the “Riding on the Same Train” and “Till Love Finds Me Again” videos click HERE.

“Pushing Through” is about never giving up. It’s an anthem for anyone with dreams, a mission, burdens and loads to carry.

Video highlights: me in the isolation (“iso”) booth singing down lead vocals (yes it’s really me singing on these albums:)), with cuts to my engineer Greg Bieck and Executive Producer Brian Hicks the studio and my amazing co-writer/producer Greg Barnhill on background vocals, (BGVs for short:), the end includes cuts to Mike Durham (electric guitar) and Alison Prestwood (bass).

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Yours in pushing through,

Producer: Greg Barnhill
Engineer: Greg Bieck
Mastering: Mike Purcell
Sequencing: DJ Teeslink
Executive Producer: Brian Hicks

Video & Photography: Chuckie Ärlund & Jake Anderton
Video Post-Production: David Aubrey

All songs written by Chris Chickering (Chris Chickering Music, BMI) and Greg Barnhill (Gatorized Music, SESAC)..

Dan Dugmore (James Taylor, The Eagles) – Pedal & lap steep, elec. guitar
Mike Durham (Dave Matthews) – Electric guitar
Alison Prestwood (Blake Shelton)- Bass
Chris Chickering: (me:)) – Lead vocals
Sean Fichter (Tim McGraw) – Drums
JoAnna Janet (Martina McBride) – background vocals
Greg Bieck (Hall & Oats)- Engineer & keys
Tim Galloway (American Supergroup) – acoustic guitar, mando
Greg Barnhill (Don Henley, Tim McGraw) – acoustic guitar & background vocals

1. The Hero’s Journey
2. Good Day for Rain
3. Helping Hand
4. Free
5. Pushing Through
6. Love Is The Way
7. Then I Will Surrender
8. Till Love Finds Me Again
9. What Do Ya Say
10. Riding on the Same Train
11. I Am Alive
12. The Hero’s Journey (acoustic)
13. Heming Hand (acoustic)
14. Free (acoustic)
15. Then InWill Surrender (acoustic)
16. Till Love Finds Me Again (acoustic)
17. Riding on the Same Train (acoustic)
18. I Am Alive (acoustic)

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