Unify Fest

Chris Chickering will be playing at UNIFY FEST on September 3rd, 2017. Featuring 46 bands and a ton of amazing workshops, Unify Fest is a 3-day Transformational Festival Dedicated to Uplifting, Connecting and Transforming Our Lives Through Diverse and Inspirational Workshops, Yoga, Art, Movement, Music, Ceremony, Healthy Living, and Conscious Entertainment.

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Meet Chris

Welcome to Music for Positive Change!

Our songs contain messages of hope, healing and empowerment, and showcase stellar musicians who play with bands and artists you probably know.

Our mission is to unite and heal hearts through music. Our enduring goal is to raise consciousness by delivering the same uplifting insights found in personal growth books, programs and seminars, through the medium of music.

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The Hero’s Journey Album Production

I am happy to announce the THE HERO’S JOURNEY album production at DriveBy Studios (June 11th – June 18th in Nashville, Tennessee) was a total success! Thanks to the amazing efforts of everyone involved we created something special that I can’t wait to share with you. THE HERO’S JOURNEY is almost 2 hours long with 18 tracks — 11 original songs and 7 acoustic remixes. — Below you’ll find pics from this amazing experience!

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