Make A Difference

Collaboration, sharing and giving is at the root of making positive change. Chris supports organizations that share his vision for supporting humans in making positive changes in their own lives and in the world.

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HYDE SCHOOLS Youth Scholarship

It’s impossible to make positive changes without the right tools, and that’s exactly what Hyde did for Chris – Hyde provided the right tools and pathway to create an entirely new way of being in the world at the peak of his formative years.

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Chris Chickering

Chris Chickering is a musician, singer-songwriter, humanistic psychotherapist, speaker, producer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Music for Positive Change, a nonprofit venture that exists to raise consciousness and inspire positive action, through the creation and live performance of thoughtfully written, professionally produced songs of healing and empowerment. Since 2012 he has released six studio albums. “Shine” (2012), “Living in the Now” (2013), “The Resurrection of Me” (2014), “The Better Side” (2015), “Regeneration” (2015), and “The Hero’s Journey” (2017) Artist Site, iTunes, Spotify.

Chris connects with audiences at public and privately hosted events worldwide. He is passionate about personal growth, fitness and effecting positive social change. In his free time, Chris enjoys hiking with his dog Chili in the beautiful mountains of his hometown Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Fueled by a love of music and desire to inspire people to live their full potential, Chris has always found music to be a source of peace and inspiration, especially during his most challenging times. Growing up in San Francisco, he was influenced by artists like Cat Stevens, Neil Young and The Rolling Stones, and moved by the humanitarian efforts of singer-songwriter Harry Chapin, to create his own unique message-driven sound.

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