Welcome event organizers!

Chris Chickering regularly performs as a soloist, duet, trio or full band at:
* Conferences
* Seminars
* Corporate Trainings
* Colleges (incl. commencements)
* High Schools (incl. commencements)
* Music Festivals
* Places of Worship
* Private Events
* House Concerts and House Parties

If you would like to book Chris, please fill out the form below, call 505-982-1000 or email:

Please include the following information:
– Your full name and contact information including phone and email
– Your venue or institution name, including mailing and web address
– Date(s) you would like Chris to perform
– Attach any appropriate contracts or forms of agreement
– Include any other information and/or questions you may have

HOUSE CONCERTS AND HOUSE PARTIES: Learn more about hosting a House Concert or House Party with Chris Chickering HERE.

SPEAKER DRIVEN EVENTS: If you have a speaker-driven seminar or event, we’ll create an “event soundtrack,” that includes live and/or pre-recorded songs, which perfectly synergizes with your content – thus getting and keeping your audience excited, energized and emotionally engaged before, during and long after your event has ended. More information HERE.


Make your next event an unforgettable experience. Thanks for contacting us now.

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