“Top 10 Inspirational Quotes,” – Part I

Here is Part I of my “Top 10 inspirational quotes” series.

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The purpose behind Chris Chickering’s music

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I recently completed a special video that reveals the intention behind my music and mission to inspire people to live authentic, joy-filled lives.

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Meet John Kurzweg

John Kurzweg is a multi-platinum record producer and multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter from Santa Fe, New Mexico who played over 50 live shows with Chris Chickering from 2010-2011. He also mastered two songs on Chris Chickering’s 1st studio album, “Shine” (“Shine” “Imminent”). Kurzweg first became known for his work with successful post-grunge band Creed in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Three of Creed’s records, which Kurzweg produced, were certified multi-platinum and helped Creed achieve worldwide popularity.

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