Meet Ron Cohen

As a composer, Ron is an established resource for TV and film music supervisors, editors, and directors worldwide. His TV work has won him two Emmy awards as well as three Emmy nominations. His compositions have been licensed to hundreds of TV and film productions, including “America’s Got Talent,” “Saturday Night Live,” “Dancing with the Stars,” “The Sopranos,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and “The Birdcage,” and his original scores and songs have been spotlighted at film festivals including Sundance. Ron engineered, produced, co-wrote (7 songs), and played guitar on Chris Chickering’s first studio album Shine (August 1012).

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HYDE SCHOOLS Youth Scholarship

It’s impossible to make positive changes without the right tools, and that’s exactly what Hyde did for Chris – Hyde provided the right tools and pathway to create an entirely new way of being in the world at the peak of his formative years.

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MEET Chris Chickering

Chris Chickering’s remarkable resumé straddles the worlds of business, entertainment and personal development. He is a licensed psychotherapist, award-winning musician and successful entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to helping people live authentic, joy-filled lives through coaching, training, empowering music, speaking and live performance.

As a psychotherapist and coach, Chris is passionately devoted to helping clients realize their best selves. He holds a Masters in Counseling from Southwestern College and is a certified neuro-linguistic programming practitioner and hypnotherapist. 

Chris is also a natural entertainer who connects with audiences worldwide. His signature presentation, a “keynote concert,” blends inspirational music and sleight-of-hand magic with motivational storytelling. He also presents innovative programs and workshops for organizations seeking to achieve their most audacious goals. 

Under his non-profit label, Music for Positive Change, Chris has released six studio albums with his debut album, Shine, dropping in 2012. Subsequent releases include Living in the Now (2013,) The Resurrection of Me (2014,) The Better Side (2015,) Regeneration (2015) and The Hero’s Journey (2017.) Most of the albums were produced and co-written by Emmy-winning and Grammy-nominated composer Greg Barnhill (Tim McGraw, Chicago) with engineering overseen by Greg Bieck (Hall & Oats, Train) and Mills Logan (Toby Keith, Taylor Swift). Chris’ music has been licensed for use by Deepak Chopra, and he has opened for Michael Franti & Spearhead at the Santa Fe Yoga Festival. Chris’ songs can be heard on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music and is available for purchase through all major distributors and Chris’ official website.

As an entrepreneur, Chris founded Guru Authority, a marketing agency dedicated to helping some of the world’s most renowned speakers, authors and content creators bring their messages to the world.  Since 2007, he has secured highly profitable online joint venture partnerships and strategic alliances for over 100 companies – ultimately generating tens of millions in additional revenues for a notable roster of clients. 

Away from his professional life, Chris can be found improving his own well-being. He is an avid fitness enthusiast, a sleight-of-hand magician and enjoys hiking with his dog Chili in the mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Personal Statement:
“I’ve picked myself off the ground more times than I can remember. I stay on track by focusing on things I can control like putting in the work, getting off the bench and into the arena of life — as opposed to focusing on things I can’t control like what others think or how things will ultimately turn out. I keep the train moving forward by breaking challenges into the smallest possible steps and always strive to remember: the joy is in the journey.”
– Chris Chickering

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