“The Hero’s Journey” named one of 3 finalists at the 2017 Posi Music Awards!

“The Hero’s Journey” named one of 3 finalists at the 2017 Posi Music Awards! for Song of the Year in the “Uniting” category. To listen to “The Hero’s Journey…”

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Unify Fest

Chris Chickering will be playing at UNIFY FEST on September 3rd, 2017. Featuring 46 bands and a ton of amazing workshops, Unify Fest is a 3-day Transformational Festival Dedicated to Uplifting, Connecting and Transforming Our Lives Through Diverse and Inspirational Workshops, Yoga, Art, Movement, Music, Ceremony, Healthy Living, and Conscious Entertainment.

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Meet Chris

Welcome and thanks for visiting!

I’d like  to kick things off by sharing the inspiration and science behind ‘Music for Positive Change,’ and how it can help you.

Music is my oldest friend and fiercest foe. As a kid, I remember listening to the lyrics of great singer-songwriters like Cat Stevens and Neil Young, and to bands like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, feeling at peace and ‘in the moment.’ Ever since music has always been a comfort and inspiration, especially during hard times.

As a young man trying to find my way in a confusing, challenging world, I gravitated toward personal-growth books, programs, and seminars to help crack the code on increased confidence, clarity and contentment. Questions like “why am I here?” and “what’s life all about?” were often at the forefront of my mind. Since that time I’ve absorbed a ton of personal growth content, worked with many personal growth experts, and completed an advanced degree in Humanistic Psychology.

In 2009 my love of music fused with a passion for personal growth and the vision for Music for Positive Change was born, to unite and heal hearts through music by writing, producing and performing songs with healing and empowering messages.

There was just one huge problem. Up to that point, I’d only written two songs and was plagued by a deep-seated, long-held belief that writing any more than two songs was definitely impossible. Not for others with talent, but for me.

And so I almost resigned to that part of me that had been telling me I couldn’t do it for so long, but instead, I chose, with the help of a few good friends, mentors and co-writing partners, to start listening to the part of me that believed I could, and started showing up for my dream every single day and never stopped.

Three years later my first album Shine (2012) was finally released. I could hardly believe it! My impossible dream had become a reality.  I had never worked so hard on anything my entire life. I felt so grateful, and honestly was really sure I’d done it till the first shipment of CDs arrived at my door from the manufacturer. Now that was a great day!

And perhaps the best part of this journey was, along the way, I met my co-writer/producer, 3x Emmy-winning, Grammy-nominated songwriter, and dear friend Greg Barnhill. Greg resonated with my musical mission to unite and heal hearts through music, and since that time we’ve co-written five albums, worked with a plethora of highly-regarded musicians, opened up for bands like Michael Franti & Spearhead, and landed song licensing deals.

At the same time this musical journey has been very humbling, (especially when I got too caught up in my ego, and its expectations).  For example, I (my ego) had an expectation of becoming an internationally-known recording artist within 24 months. 🙂 When that didn’t happen, (1st world problem for sure:)) I became aware of how much my ego was attached to the end-result.

Since then learned I’ve learned a lot about letting go of attachment to the end-game, (and what people think),  and instead focus much more on simply being in the moment, and congratulate myself for showing up and putting in the work.

It’s challenging, moving towards anything a part of you is convinced is impossible. It will mkost likely take much longer than you anticipate, and you will face many challneges you didn’t see coming, both internal and external,  but I promise if you keep going, never stop, get humble and put the work in…the journey will beome joyful, new friends will magically show up, and a path to your dream will open up.

Thank you for visiting my site and for reading this letter. I sincerely appreciate it. I hope you’ll take the time to explore a little further, and listen to a song or two, or watch a video.

And don’t be a stranger! I’d love to hear about your crazy-dream and the steps you are taking to make it a reality. It all happens one small step at a time. Yes, you can.

To your highest self, 

Chris Chickering
Singer-songwriter, Psychotherapist, Speaker
Founder, Music for Positive Chance

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Chris established a scholarship that gives underprivileged youths an opportunity to attend the Hyde Schools, private boarding schools for high school students that focus on the development of character and actualizing one’s full potential. Hyde Schools have been featured on 60 Minutes, 20/20 and in the New York Times. You can learn more about this initiative HERE.

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