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Welcome! Music for Positive Change exists to unite and heal hearts through music. This welcome letter shares the inspiration behind its existence, and how you may find our music helpful. Thanks for reading!

I’ve always found music incredibly therapeutic.

There have been many times when a song lyric gave me the exact insight or understanding I really needed. Oftentimes that new insight helped improve my overall outlook, and perhaps positively impacted my overall philosophy of life.

Can you relate? 

Whether I’ve wanted to get motivated, cheer up, calm down, or even feel sad, music has magically come through, every time. 

And it’s done so for people across all cultures, from as far back as anyone can remember…

As a young man trying to find my way in a confusing, challenging world, I gravitated toward personal-development books, programs, and seminars to help crack the code on increased confidence and clarity. Questions like “why am I here?” and “what’s life all about?” were often at the forefront of my mind.

Since then I’ve absorbed a virtually endless array of personal development content, attended a countless number of seminars, training programs, and workshops, completed an advanced degree in Humanistic Psychology, represented many of the most highly regarded personal development experts in the world, and struggled a ton along the way.

Along the way I stumbled upon a shocking statistic: 97% of all personal development-focused books and/or audio programs purchased are never read or listened to. That’s right, 97%!

The Inspiration Behind Music for Positive Change

That statistic, combined with my love of music and passion for personal development to form the vision of Music for Positive Change, a nonprofit venture that exists to unite and heal hearts through music through the creation and performance of thoughtfully written, professionally produced songs of healing, empowerment and social responsibility.

It just made sense. Leveraging the power of music so more people could benefit from the amazing content in all those books and audio programs, instantly, and without having to do all that work.:)

I was so in love with my dream, but there was just one huge problem! Up to that point, I had only written two complete songs and was plagued by a deep-seated, long-held belief that writing any more than those two songs was definitely impossible...not for other people with talent, but for me.

Have you ever given up on a dream?

I almost resigned to that part of me that drew the line at those two songs had it not been for a dear friend who encouraged me, through his words and actions, to ignore the self-limiting voice within and WILL more songs into existence through massive, consistent action.

I felt so inspired witnessing him, through decades of struggle and hard work, finally manifest his dream of being a TV producer, eventually having four shows on TV, including a #1 rated show on his network. He had broken out of The Matrix, and his example opened up a world of possibility. I saw how happy and fulfilled he was, and I really wanted to feel that level of aliveness and passion for life.

The Waterfall

My friend had jumped off the waterfall. I could hear him laughing, splashing in the lake below, joyously hollering for me to join him…I leaned over the edge, heart-pounding, so ready to jump, but instead stood-still, paralyzed with fear.

The Tombstone Exercise

Until one day, desperate for a breakthrough, I decided to try something I call the “Tombstone Visualization” which changed my life. Years ago I had learned the desire for pleasure and desire to avoid pain are the two great human motivators, and that oftentimes, the desire to avoid pain was the most impactful.

So it was time to create some pain using the power of negative visualization! I started by imagining my tombstone and thought about what would be written on it if I died that very day. As I did, these words came into focus:

“Herein lies Chris Chickering. He had a burning passion or inspiring people through speaking and music, and so he took that passion, and with 100% of his soul, dedicated himself to representing personal growth experts. Rest in peace.”

Yea…Brutally painful.

My tombstone was trying to tell me something. I had missed the point of life: to feel truly alive and passionate, to be living, or at least going after my highest purpose.

Want to play along?

Would you like what would be written on your Tombstone
if you died today?

The next day I woke up on fire. Something HAD TO change. I was done putting off my dream for another second. I became instantly focused and committed and finally give 100% to what I really wanted. There was NO WAY my tombstone vision was going to be my destiny. I had no idea where the journey would take me, but I was totally committed, and honestly, even with that total commitment and passion, balancing a full-time career, the going still felt incredibly slow. 

About a year and a half later, with 5 songs written and produced, I remember asking my producer, “How many songs are in an album?” “Usually a minimum of ten,” he said.

“Ten! That’s only five more songs,” I thought. “A full album, my really impossible dream, might actually be possible after all.” 

“Best not to think about it,” I told myself. “Just focus on the next song, the next song, the next verse, the next word…baby steps.”

At this point things had shifted, inertia was on my side. Now I knew songwriting was not only doable but really fun. My sights were firmly fixed on completing a full album of original music. I stuck with it and three years later, my first album Shine (2012) was finally complete.

I had never worked so hard on anything my entire life! Looking back, perhaps the biggest gift I received was the opportunity to work really hard on something I really wanted and the opportunity to overcome the self-limiting voice that had held me back for so long.

And I’ll never forget the day those CDs arrived at my house from the manufacturer. 

Another gift I received was meeting my co-writer/producer, 3x Emmy-winning, Grammy-nominated songwriter, and dear friend Greg Barnhill. Greg resonated with my musical mission to unite and heal hearts through music, and so for the past six years we’ve been on a ridiculously fun co-writing journey that has resulted in the release of five more albums, working with a plethora of highly-regarded musicians, opening up for bands like Michael Franti & Spearhead, and landing a variety of song licensing deals. 

The journey hasn’t all been roses, however. I’ve highlighted some of the successes I’ve enjoyed, but there have also been countless times that have been really, really painful. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about letting go of attachment to the end result, and what others think. I keep the train moving forward by breaking challenges into the smallest possible steps, and remembering, a joyful journey is created from within. It arises from my perspective, holding a space of gratitude for the wins and losses, and finding a way to constantly feel good about showing up in the arena and doing my best. 

It’s really hard, moving towards anything a part of you is convinced is impossible. It will definitely take much longer than you expect. You will face challenges you didn’t see coming, your ego will tee off on you, the haters will come and those you love might not understand, but I promise if you keep going, and never stop, set your ego aside, and put the work in every single day, the journey will become joyful, your tribe will appear, and a path to your dream will open up.

My music is an invitation to self-discovery and reflection. I can’t say it’s for you, but can say it’s been purposefully created with the intention of helping you have a better relationship with yourself, others, and the world around you.  

Some of the themes our songs address include: overcoming struggle, being in the moment, pushing through difficulty, letting go of the past, reinventing yourself, seeing the gift in the struggle, taking action, embracing change, self-belief, gratitude, never giving up, honoring the earth, stopping the blame game, going after your dreams, overcoming the impostor syndrome, healing from loss, regeneration, forgiveness, introspection, lending a helping hand, raising your vibration, following the voice within, self-empowerment, faith, finding your path, leadership, living authentically, going on a hero’s journey, unity, leaving a legacy, helping others, and getting outside your comfort zone. 

Thanks for visiting and for spending your time reading this letter. I sincerely appreciate it, and please don’t be a stranger! I’d love to hear about your crazy-dream and the steps you are taking to make it a reality. Anything is possible one small step at a time. Yes, you can.

To your highest self, 

PSMusic for Positive Change is a nonprofit venture that exists to unite and heal hearts through music through the creation and performance of thoughtfully written, professionally produced songs of healing, empowerment and social responsibility. If you would like to learn how you can get a 100% tax-deductible donation while supporting our mission, please click HERE.

PSS – Having fears about doing something you think is impossible is universal. If you’d like to hear the story of how my friend helped me overcome my fear of moving towards my dream, I hope you’ll check out this live video performance of “Then I Will Surrender a song on my latest album. This song was recently nominated for ‘Song of the Year’ at the 14th Annual Posi Music Awards.

Chris Chickering
Singer-songwriter, Psychotherapist, Speaker
Founder, Music for Positive Change

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