New album: “Regeneration” coming soon…

Yes the rumors are true…Chris is going to Nashville, Tennessee at the end of the month to begin production on the album: “Regeneration,” featuring 12 new, original songs…
Release date: October 2nd, 2015.

Regenerate—”to give fresh life or vigor to; to reorganize; to recreate the moral nature; to cause to be born again.”
— New Webster’s Dictionary, 1997

1. A Little More Heaven Falls Down
2. A Prayer for Who We Really Are
3. Be The Change
4. Love Is All
5. Already Alright
6. Regeneration (Shambala)
7. Nothing Less Than This
8. How Deep I Can Love
9. It All Gets Better
10. Fear and Faith
11. Forgive Me (The River)
12. The Essence of Life

All songs written by Chris Chickering and Greg Barnhill.

Executive Producer: Chris Chickering
Producer: Greg Barnhill
Engineer: Dustin Richardson (Red Fern Studios)
Mixing and Mastering: Mike Purcell

Mike Durham: Electric Guitar
Greg Barnhill: Acoustic guitar, background vocals
Chris Chickering: Lead vocals
Reed Baron: Jeff Adamczyk
Elton Charles: Drums
Joanna Janet: Background vocals

— More coming soon.:)


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