Meet Ron Cohen

As a composer, Ron Cohen is an established resource for TV and Film music directors, editors and producers based in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Toronto. His TV work has won him two Emmys awards as well as three Emmy nominations. Ron Cohen engineered, produced and cowrote Chris Chickering’s first studio album SHINE (August 1012), and played a variety of instruments on the album as well.

His compositions have been licensed to hundreds of TV/Film and Commercial productions including, “Saturday Night Live,” “Dancing with the Stars,” “The Sopranos,” “Jimmy Kimmel” and “The Birdcage.” His original scores and songs have been spotlighted at film festivals including Sundance. He continues to provide custom compositions for TV and Film to Universal Music and Warner Chapel for their production music catalogues.

As a music producer, he specializes in working with emerging artists by shaping their musical direction and identifying the unique sound that will brand artists long term. He often co-writes with singer/songwriters, ranging from sultry to edgy alternative. He knows how to make music accessible to a broad audience, ranging from standard music consumers buying CDs and downloading iTunes to licensing to the TV and Film markets.

As a songwriter, Ron focuses primarily on the TV and Film markets and co-writes with artists he produces. He works comfortably with both established and non-established singers. He takes the artists he works with from wherever they are ~ to the next level. He starts with the arranging and producing process and then provides an end product that is ready for licensing and sales.

Ron’s musical background is established over 25 years. He is an accomplished acoustic and electric guitarist, having played in several bands with top LA musicians along the Sunset Strip and in LA coffeehouses and jazz clubs. He is a graduate of Cal State University, Northridge and furthered his studies with Hans Zimmer (UCLA) and Mark Isham in film scoring.

He currently works out of his San Francisco Bay Area studio and in-house at Atlantis Recording in Santa Monica, CA. Both are state-of-the-art digital facilities with capabilities to score to picture. He can sometimes be found in Nashville working with renowned musicians for various projects.

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