Can uplifting music change your life?

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Welcome! I’m Chris Chickering.

I have a confession to make. Growing up, I was one of those ‘weird kids’ that knew every single word to virtually every song I’d ever heard, and even worse, I sang everywhere I went – the bus, school, the mall – no place was off limits to my never-ending, self-generated jukebox.

And the reason is, as far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved music. It’s been the one thing I could always count on to pick me up and give me peace of mind and offer me a new perspective when I needed it most. Since then, my love of music has grown considerably, and today I am grateful to write and perform uplifting music every single day.

In case you haven’t heard, my songs are packed with empowering messages that focus on themes like connection, love, acceptance, forgiveness, and peace. They also contain hidden instructions that subtly explain how to get out from under challenging emotions like anxiety, anger, apathy, loneliness and shame.

My goal is to empower you, in as many ways as possible, so you can courageously steer your life in the direction of your dreams and the highest vision you’ve imagined for yourself.

If you like positive, passionate, uplifting lyrics and melodies, you’ll love my work. Here, have a listen!

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Here’s what I’ll be doing through Music For Positive Change™…

• Performing and producing music with uplifting lyrics, with the aim of connecting and empowering as many positive-minded people as possible.

• Connecting you with a tribe of people (both online and at amazing live events) who share a similar passion for reaching higher levels of consciousness and living out their greatness.

• Directing you toward cutting-edge resources to help you accelerate your success in all areas of life.

Have you ever had a dream you were sure was impossible? I did.

Actually, here, I’m referring to my dream of becoming a recording artist. At the age of seven, I had a vision of myself onstage, singing and playing positive, upbeat music. That vision lay dormant for many years, though, until I became convinced it would never come to fruition.

However, amazingly, it finally did…and I know, with the right attitude and resources, you can make your dreams come true, too!

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The truth is, following the path toward becoming your highest self can be damn tough. For starters, you have to deal with your wonderful ego, which will feed you all kinds of awesome, self-limiting beliefs and soul-crushing thoughts, like…

“You’ll fail eventually, so why try?”

“You really don’t want that anyway.” (yes you do.)

“You don’t deserve that.” (YES, you do!) and…

“Eventually, they’ll find out you’re a fraud.”

Any of this ring a bell? Guess how I know?

Yup! Been there. Done that.

I’ve done the CHACHA with my ego…

But to help me navigate through my own personal ego-dance-from-hell, and to assist me in my quest for more meaning and fulfillment, I’ve read, listened to, and watched literally hundreds of books, audio programs and videos on personal development, spirituality, peak performance, hypnosis and consciousness over the years.

These sources of conscious media are where I derive most of my songwriting inspiration, and I pour everything I’ve learned into my songs, so that they will speak to you and inspire you to live the greatness within.

My studies have been instrumental in helping me get out of my own way, and steer my life towards the higher vision I’ve always had for myself.

I’ve learned the hard way that universal principles of success are typically hidden from us, because we don’t know where to look, or how to recognize them in the white noise of today’s modern world…and few of us are fortunate enough to have mentors to show us the way. However, these universal truths are out there to be found, and once we commit to finding them, we will surely uncover them for ourselves.

Of course, discovering these truths through extensive study like I did takes a ton of time! Therefore, I had a vision of taking “the best of” what I’d learned and serving it up on a silver platter through my songs, in hopes that by listening, you’d experience some greater insight or inspiration that will help you raise the level of the conversation you are having with yourself and others…without all the work.:)

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Why is music the best medium for delivering this message?

Music is one of the few things in our universe that can instantly connect us, heart to heart. It can bring us together in joy, love, acceptance, and peace, creating a bridge across cultures, races, creeds, and religions.

Music is also one of the few things, like meditation or hypnosis, that is able to shut off our “monkey minds” and allow us to experience the bliss of the present moment.

In other words, music helps us chill. When we chill, that’s an ideal time for us to undergo transformation, because that’s when our conscious, critical brain gets to take a nap. It’s no longer sitting there, like a prison guard on a watchtower, judging and analyzing everything that enters our awareness.

That being said, my devilish plan is to take the very best of what I’ve learned from a lifelong study of consciousness and self-actualization, and sneak it into the music.

That way, as you are listening, even if you’re not paying extremely close attention, the positive messages will stick within your mind. In the process, you might just find yourself feeling very happy, hopeful, courageous, connected, and amazing…and consequently, primed to go after your dreams.

“Chris Chickering’s music can change your life in so many positive ways.”
– Bob Proctor, Best-selling author & star of The Secret.

“Chris Chickering writes songs that inspire people to live into the fullness of who they are.”
– Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D., CEO, Scheele Learning Systems, Founding Partner, Learning Strategies Corporation

“I Absolutely LOVE Chris Chickering’s music with it’s conscious purpose & messaging to create massive change. Not only is the music inspiring but so is he…Chris was Rockin the Internet Biz world, making Bank with ease & walked away from it all because this was his calling. His new album just released & was so good, I got all his other albums as well. I’d recommend them in your life or at your event to share his phenomenal journey.”
– Marci Lock, TV Show Host, Author and Motivational Speaker

“Let Chris Chickering’s Music for Positive Change be an instrumental part of the creation of a positive healing environment. His beautiful, soothing voice and positive lyrics will be an inspiration and comfort for those in recovery. It is wonderful to be able to support Chris’ vision of paving the way for positive change through music in the world.”
– Margie Ahern, M.Ed., Mindfulness Rational Therapist

Living In The Now offers listeners in music and songwriting what sages and mystics were carving in stone and have been writing about for eons; essential messages of awakening. Chris is tuned into what we need now, with universal lyrics of empowerment, backed by a studio band that is powerful and tight in all of the compositions.”
–    Alan Hutner, Host and Co-producer of Transitions Radio Magazine

“It’s a rare occasion in this day when an artist can pull of a complete album of great songs. Chris’s new album, “Shine,” does just that. From start to finish, each song builds on the last and creates a great listening atmosphere. He tackles complex issues, yet manages to make the music very simple. If you haven’t seen him live, check him out. EVEN BETTER!”
– The Albuquerque Journal

“If you’re sick of all the popular music out there that focuses on things like sadness, anger, suicide, abusive relationships, drug addiction and meaningless sexual relations, you’ll find singer-songwriter Chris Chickering’s album Living in the Now to be a welcome change…Even those listeners who don’t pay a great deal of attention to lyrics will have their spirits raised by this album, as the sound on its own is enough to generate an atmosphere of happiness.”
– The Mindful Word Magazine

“It was easy to find lots of songs to play off this terrific release. Chris has musical vision and has created a unique and unified album.” (Album: “Living in the Now” [Oct, 2013])
– Ira Gordon, Program Director, 98.1 Radio Free Santa Fe, NM


Thanks so much for visiting my site, and please, feel free to join the community.

I greatly value your input when it comes to carrying out my vision, so if you have any ideas for this site or thoughts about songs that need to be written for the greater good of our world, please let me know!

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Here’s to your greatness,

Chris Chickering
Singer/Songwriter. musician
lead vocalist and creator of Chris Chickering & the Now™

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