“Chris Chickering’s music can change your life in so many positive ways.”
– Bob Proctor, Best-selling Author and Star of The Secret

“Chris Chickering’s songs will speak to anyone on a spiritual path.”
Elevated Existence Magazine

“Chris Chickering writes songs that inspire people to live into the fullness of who they are.”
Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D., CEO, Scheele Learning Systems, Founding Partner, Learning Strategies Corporation

“Through the years the great music that has lasted is the music that lifts us up, that inspires us, that touches our spirit. And that’s exactly what Chris’ music does. It’s timely and timeless!”
– Vic Johnson, Best-selling Author of You Become What You Think About

“I recommend Chris Chickering’s Music for Positive Change as an instrumental part of the healing process. His beautiful, soothing voice and uplifting lyrics will be an inspiration and comfort for those in recovery.”
– Margie Ahern, M.Ed., Mindfulness Rational Therapist

“It was easy to find lots of songs to play off this terrific release. Chris has musical vision and has created a unique and unified album.” (“Living in the Now”)
Ira Gordon, Program Director, 98.1 Radio Free Santa Fe, NM

“Living In The Now offers listeners in music and songwriting what sages and mystics were carving in stone and have been writing about for eons; essential messages of awakening. Chris is tuned into what we need now, with universal lyrics of empowerment, backed by a studio band that is powerful and tight in all of the compositions.”
Alan Hutner, Host and Co-producer of Transitions Radio Magazine

“I Absolutely LOVE Chris Chickering’s music with it’s conscious purpose & messaging to create massive change. Not only is the music inspiring but so is he…His new album just released & was so good, I got all his other albums as well. I’d recommend them in your life or at your event to share his phenomenal journey.”
– Marci Lock, TV Show Host, Author and Motivational Speaker

“It’s a rare occasion in this day when an artist can pull of a complete album of great songs. Chris’s new album, “Shine,” does just that. From start to finish, each song builds on the last and creates a great listening atmosphere. He tackles complex issues, yet manages to make the music very simple. If you haven’t seen him live, check him out. EVEN BETTER!”
The Albuquerque Journal

“If you’re sick of all the popular music out there that focuses on things like sadness, anger, suicide, abusive relationships, drug addiction and meaningless sexual relations, you’ll find singer-songwriter Chris Chickering’s album Living in the Now to be a welcome change…Even those listeners who don’t pay a great deal of attention to lyrics will have their spirits raised by this album, as the sound on its own is enough to generate an atmosphere of happiness.”
The Mindful Word Magazine

“I’ve been blessed to travel much of this beautiful and complicated world. I know many artists that truly want their art to have a positive effect on humanity. Chris is one of the few that actually put in the work it takes to make that effect materialize.”
– Brian Hardgroove, bandleader & bass for ‘Public Enemy’

“Chris’ vision and our emotional connection lead to extraordinary songs. It’s an honor to be a part of something that helps people change their lives.”
Greg Barnhill, Emmy-winning, Grammy-nominated songwriter; Cowriter/producer

“I was blown away by your music and singing and really enjoyed hearing you at the party. I bought two of your CDs – “Living in the Now” and “Shine”…. I was the guy in the cowboy hat from Houston, TX…I love your music… I was especially loved and was moved by “The Revolution” which was so poignant at this time in our US history…I have marched here in Houston for change with the “women.”. Now I am moved and inspired as well as hopeful to do even more thanks to your great and powerful song… it gave me goosebumps !!! I think the song should be a Grammy Winner !!! Keep up the good work. I will be spreading the word about your great music and soulful singing.”
– Randy Pace

“I remember hearing your song when Deepak Chopra spoke at the “Celebrate Your Life” conference in Chicago. He was a keynote speaker and near the end of his talk he talked about reinventing yourself and then played your song. (“Reinvent Yourself” [Album: “Shine”])
Steffani, IL

“Yes sometimes life gives you a sucker punch, it happens but it’s abut how you pick yourself up and keep on living! ‘The Resurrection of Me’ gives me a boost of perseverance!”
iTunes Reviewer

“What a great album…words to inspire…and beautiful songs that just keep playing in my head long after I’ve stopped listening to them. This album plays while I work and it just keeps motivating and inspiring me all day long! Chris deserves a Grammy for creating an album that makes me smile and reminds me constantly that we’re all in this together…and that this is a really good life. Thanks Chris.” (“The Resurrection of Me”)
iTunes Reviewer

“Chris’ CD (“Living in the Now”) was perfect in setting the stage for the meeting. “Give me everything I want, give me everything I need, give me everything in life that’s coming to me………Give me this or something better!” What we were able to do was to dream together of something better. Thanks again!”
Mark Golden, CEO Golden Artist Color

“I believe that we are all too often surrounded by and immersed in negative thought and the energy that is thought, and wonder why we are so fear filled. Chris Chickering’s music transcends that negative energy and immerses you in an energy through his music, that is uplifting and positive at the highest level of songwriting and delivery.”
Ken, CA

“Every generation produces a few artists who speak from the soul in such a way that their music will transcend time. 
Chris Chickering speaks from the soul, and takes the listener to a place of covered bridges and tree canopied winding back roads.”
iTunes reviewer

“This album has it all. It is filled with positive messages that empower but done in a manner that keeps the listener rocking to the tunes. All the songs stand out on their own but together are even more powerful. Great job Chris Chickering on an album that has the power to make a difference.” (“The Resurrection of Me”)
iTunes Reviewer

“Chris’s sultry, soulful voice draws you in, and his engaging and uplifting lyrics create a spark that lights the fire of desire for following your own dreams.” (Album: “Shine” [Aug., 2012])
iTunes reviewer

“Living in the Now is a superb collection of catchy songs that sound both modern and classic at the same time. You find yourself singing along to the choruses even on the first listen. Chris is a great songwriter with a strong, unique voice. As a bonus, the quality of the recording is unsurpassed. It’s evident that Chris spared no expense pouring his heart and time into this project. Really, really good stuff.”
Greg, MI

“Living in the Now has some of the best songwriting of our generation. Reminds me of the great American singer songwriters (Neil Young, Cat Stevens, etc..) with a modern twist. The lyrics dive into modern day topics around self actualization. Overall refreshing entertainment, enlighten and inspirational—a rare find!
Amazon.com reviewer

“Chris’ music truly speaks to the soul. His though provoking lyrics have helped me realize the importance of fully embracing life, and also seeing and knowing the perfection in things exactly as they are. I cannot recommend “The Resurrection of Me” and all of Chris’ music highly enough!”
iTunes Reviewer

“I have to tell that I have been working all day and just listening to four of your songs. I must have listened to “Reinvent Yourself” a dozen times. I wouldn’t presume to know what was in your head when you wrote that, but it sure did resonate with me. Thank you.”
Jim, NH

“Chris’ music is what i have been waiting for! Positive, affirming, inspiring music with truly intelligent lyrics that makes your body want to dance. What could be better? Substance and style well blended, like mind, body, and spirit. Bravo! I want you on my radio show.”
Rhea, NM

“Great stuff. Fuel for the journey. Chris serves up a sweet batch of positivity and inspiration. “This or Something Better” has already changed my life for the better. He makes songs that matter!”
iTunes reviewer

“I listened to your music WOW, so full of heart. Listening to your music brought me peace. So THANK YOU for your gift to my ears. It’s funny when people don’t even know how much they make a difference in someone’s life. Keep up the good work!!!
Erina, NH

“The Resurrection of Me is an excellent album with positive lyrics that can be enjoyed by all walks of life. Chris Chickering has a great voice, and the album production is dynamic and fresh. Two thumbs up!”
iTunes Reviewer

“Chris’s new album ‘Shine’ is a total home run! Chris’s sultry, soulful voice draws you in, and his engaging and uplifting lyrics create a spark that lights the fire of desire for following your own dreams.”
iTunes reviewer

“Chris Chickering herein creates an atmosphere of genuine lyrical emotion and soul, encompassed within a lovely aesthetic of inspiring instrumentals. These tracks manage to be both undeniably catchy yet curiously therapeutic. Highly recommended and not to be missed.”
Amazon.com reviewer

“Chris Chickering’s “Shine” is a great album. ‘Have a Little Faith,’ ‘Reinvent Yourself’ and the confessional ‘Stay’ are the clear standouts. Chris’ vocals are polished and soulful. His picking is impeccable and tasteful. This album is best enjoyed with good company over a glass of a fine merlot. Lookig forward for more from this fine songwriter.” – iTunes Reviewer

“I am already learning to play and sing “Reinvent yourself” and “The Crazy Crazy Ones” that I will translate into Russian and sing in English and Russian during my next concert in Moscow.”
Andrea, Italy

“This album is incredible, my favorite tracks are “Make your Happiness,” “Finding Out,” and “Do it now” – and all the songs on this album flow perfectly, till the beautiful piano ballad, “Shadow of Doubt” at the end. The Resurrection of Me is a real gem.”
iTunes Reviewer

”Loved it, Chris. Beautiful voice and message. We have a “first day of the rest of your life” theme going at work right now. “Reinvent Yourself” would make a great theme song for it!”
Erin, IL

“This album is a total inspiration for those working to evolve their life to a higher level of consciousness. The melodies inspired me to sing along and remained in my head through-out the entire day. Take a listen and join the revolution!” (“The Resurrection of Me”)
iTunes Reviewer

“This album inspires me. The songs connect with universal problems and leave a sweet aftertaste, the hope that through personal development obstacles can be overcome. The great thing about the album is that it seems to give the elusive instructions for how to live your dream. That’s more than music. That’s magic.” (“The Resurrection of Me”)
iTunes Reviewer

“Chris Chickering’s music has always spoke to my soul. His desire to make a positive impact vibrationally with uplifting, positing and empowering music is amazing. Like Cat Stevens the sound of his voice resonates in your mind as it is unique to the ears. Always stretching himself personally, you can expect his music to do the same! One of my personal favorites on this album is “Vibration,” a song I’m sure everyone can relate to at some point in their life.” (“The Resurrection of Me”)
-iTunes Reviewer

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