TV/Film/Ad Licensing


To help you quickly find the perfect song for your project we’ve created this dynamic Excel spreadsheet allowing you to quickly sort and listen to Chris’ 52-song catalog by: “Mood,” “Tempo,” “Song Vibe/Sounds-Like,” and “Lyrical Theme” as well as by “Ballads” and “Rockers.”
*** All songs have been cleared for licensing. Instrumental, TV Tracks and Stems available.

Spreadsheet Features:

— “Sort TABS” (“Mood,” “Tempo” etc) are located at the bottom of every worksheet.
— Every song is hyperlinked to Soundcloud, want to listen to a song? Just click on it.
— The MAIN PAGE, LYRICAL THEME, SOUNDS-LIKE, ROCKERS and BALLADS tabs have Soundcloud Playlist links above them. Want to listen to a playlist? Just click on the Playlist link.
— Key lyrics and lyrical theme(s) are listed for every song.
— The “Song-vibe, Sounds-like” TAB highlights artists each song sound similar to.

To get the spreadsheet email us:

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