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    New album production in June!

    May 7, 2017

    We’re excited to announce, Chris Chickering is going to Nashville to record his 6th studio album in June! This album will be recorded in Nashville, TN, feature 11 new, original songs and is set to be released this fall.

    Greg Barnhill, Chris’ co-writer is producing the album and Greg Bieck will engineer, as was the case for Chris’ 3rd album: “The Resurrection of Me.

    Brian Hicks is also part of the team as Executive Producer.  Lyrical themes covered include: the hero’s journey, work, love, and making a difference.

    Song titles include:

    1. The Hero’s Journey
    2. Pushing Through
    3. What Do You Say
    4. Free
    5. Helping Hand
    6. Riding on the Same Train
    7. Till Love Finds Me Again
    8. A Good Day for Rain
    9. I Am Alive
    10. Love Is The Way
    11. Then I Will Surrender To You

    Musicians include: Tim Galloway (guitar, mando – American Supergroup), Mike Durham (electric guitar – Dave Matthews), Alison Prestwood (bass – Blake Shelton), Sean Fichter (drums – Tim McGraw), Joanna Janet (background vocals), Greg Bieck (engineer & keys – Hall & Oats), and Greg Barnhill – (acoustic guitar & background vocals – Tim McGraw)

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