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    My style is collaborative, respectful, and solution-focused. I use humor and storytelling, and often have an infectious enthusiasm for whatever I am doing. I excel at helping individuals build upon their inner strengths, shift their thinking, and expand their untapped potential.

    I enjoy helping people recognize innate wisdom, gain a greater appreciation of their current circumstances, and from that place of greater strength, help them uncover solutions so they can gracefully move to where they want to be.

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    Personal Statement

    “I’ve picked myself up off the ground more times than I can remember. I stay on track by focusing on things I can control like putting in the work, getting off the bench, and into the arena of life — as opposed to focusing on things I can’t control like what others think or how things will ultimately turn out. I keep the train moving forward by breaking challenges into the smallest possible steps and always strive to remember: the joy is in the journey.” 

    PS – Here are my top 5 superpowers, and how they can be leveraged to help you achieve the results you want.







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