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    Whether you simply need additional tools and accountability to achieve what you want in life, or you are searching for more meaning, direction and fulfillment, Chris Chickering can help you succeed. From one on one personal development coaching to immersive, transformative events, Chris Chickering’s proven methods will help you shift your patterns and achieve your greatest goals.

    Chris Chickering is an award-winning musician, successful entrepreneur and licensed psychotherapist who has dedicated his life to instilling a sense of joy, hope and healing through coaching, training, empowering music, speaking and live performance.

    Chris has a Masters in Counseling and is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Facilitator. As a lifelong personal growth enthusiast, Chris has attended many workshops, retreats, and events related to personal growth, consciousness and business development, and has studied hundreds of books and programs in these areas along the way.

    For a detailed explanation of Chris’ top 5 superpowers and how they can be leveraged to help you achieve your desired results, please scroll down this page.

    Chris’ degrees, Certifications & Training:

    Coaching is conducted via Skype or Zoom for those outside of Santa Fe, NM.


    Personal Statement

    Welcome, and I look forward to serving you. I’m typically a great fit for anyone who is totally committed to doing whatever it takes to succeed, and those ready to take total responsibility for their outcomes.

    I am enthusiastic about working with possibility thinkers, future visionaries and those doing important work. Their ideas for products, services, or inventions generally increase my determination to do whatever I can to breathe life into their dreams.

    Below you’ll find an explanation of my top 5 superpowers and how they can be leveraged to help you achieve the results you want.

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