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    No matter how hard you and your team have worked to grow your business, sometimes you need outside help to overcome certain hurdles and to get things to the next level.

    Chris works with select clients on all aspects of planning, strategy, problem-solving, and training, with your vision always in mind.

    If you wish to take your business’ “online” results to the next level, Chris has been part of the Internet marketing ‘inner circle’ for well over a decade now, having helped the top names in the industry to achieve many tens of millions in sales.

    Sales and money are great, yet, Chris can help you with so much more. Here are some of the things he can achieve for your business through his Consulting & Training services:

    Many businesses find themselves reaching a point in their evolution where they need help and guidance to make crucial go-forward decisions.

    Whether you find your organization stuck in place and not achieving your growth goals, or whether you’re in the process of expanding and you find your company experiencing growing pains, Chris can help.

    If you’re ready to unstuck your business and get to the next rung, click the button below to schedule a call now.



    “Guru Authority CEO Chris Chickering is a powerful, dynamic, results-oriented professional who enthusiastically and effectively helped me increase my sales of my courses, books and audio programs. I highly recommend him to you.”
    Jack Canfield
    CEO, The Canfield Training Group | Speaker | Coach | NY Times Bestselling Author

    “You’ll never find a more persistent and determined professional than Chris Chickering of Guru Authority. His results for our company were spot on. He launched our joint-venture partnership business into a new stratosphere by his dogged pursuit of business opportunities. He is a powerful self-starter and fiercely committed to results.”
    Paul Scheele
    Ph.D., CEO, Scheele Learning Systems, Internationally Recognized Authority on Leadership, Learning and Change

    “Chris Chickering is unique in the field of business development. Never have I worked with someone who has the ability to bring in real revenue in such a short amount of time. The best part about Chris is that he needs little if no direction in finding partners with integrity that can also add dollar signs to your business.”
    Michael Lovitch
    Partner at RealDose Nutrition LLC

    “When you need to get the pope on the phone, Chris Chickering is your man. I’ve worked and coordinated several deals with him. He will bring two interested, complimentary and quality partners together, facilitate an affiliate arrangement and deal that’s fair to both parties and make sure it’s executed properly. Chris operates with integrity and passion. Highly recommended”
    Michael Koenigs
    #1 Bestselling Author

    “Chris Chickering has provided my company with a whole new avenue of business. His ability to put a deal together, and get it done smoothly, is amazing. Our first profitable affiliate relationship was done with him guiding us through the process…resulted in close to $30,000 in 3 weeks. He’s great.”
    Geoff Bysshe
    Co-founder, Marketguage.com

    “Chris Chickering is a rain maker. Pure and simple. With a devotion to making sure every deal is a solid, compatible fit with the way we do business, it makes working with him a dream. We always know that he’ll continue to work until everything is delivered, the checks are signed and everyone is happy. I, and my bottom line, wish I had met him years ago!”
    Ric Thompson
    Founder, HealthyWealthynWise.com



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