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    Listening Station

    Do you own or operate a wellness-focused retail location – including yoga studio, gym, spa, or resort gift shop – that caters to clientele passionate about health, personal growth or self-actualization? If so, please call 505-982-1000 or email Hello@ChrisChickering.com to get your “Music for Positive Change” Listening Station today!

    * Five of Chris albums and 72 CDs (“Shine,” “Living In The Now,””The Resurrection of Me,” “The Better Side,” “Regeneration”) – infused with messages of hope and unity, produced with America’s top studio talent.
    * Includes fully integrated headphones
    * Visitors simply press an album cover picture to hear a full length song sample.
    * Plugs into standard 100V outlet.
    * Made of Beetle Bark Wood, with matching beetle bark CD holder.
    * The top, electronic portion of the unit is separate from the CD holder portion.
    * “LEARN MORE HERE” button. This 87-second audio track features Chris welcoming visitors. To hear this welcome-audio track click on the Soundcloud player below.

    Display Options/Dimensions:
    AS PICTURED – 3 components: CD shelving, electronics box and plexiglass insert:
    – 31 inches tall
    – 18 3/4 wide
    – 13 3/4 deep at the base

    W/O CD SHELVING – electronics box and plexiglass display insert only:
    – 15 1/2 wide
    – 18 1/2 tall
    – 7 3/4 deep

    Component Dimensions:
    CD Shelving:
    – 18 3/4 wide
    – 13 3/4 deep at the base
    – 7 1/2 deep at the top

    Electronics Box:
    – 15 1/2 wide
    – 11 tall
    – 7 3/4 deep

    Plexiglass display insert
    – 15 1/2 wide
    – 7 1/2 tall

    Call 505-982-1000 or email Hello@ChrisChickering.com to get your “Music for Positive Change” Listening Station today!

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