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    Meet Chris

    Chris is a visionary entrepreneur, licensed psychotherapist, and even an award-winning musician who has dedicated his life to helping people and organizations fulfill their highest calling through his unique and powerful coaching, consulting, and connecting skills.

    Chris’ mission is to instill a sense of joy, hope, healing, and achievement through his work.

    As a coach and psychotherapist, Chris has unique insights into the human spirit and his highest priority is that his clients feel honored, supported, and understood.

    As a solutions-focused focused consultant and connector, Chris’ highest priority is to help you overcome your obstacles, solve problems, and find the success you deserve with strategic precision.

    He holds an MA in Counseling from Southwestern College, is a licensed LMHC in New Mexico, has advanced training in CBT, and is a certified neuro-linguistic programming practitioner and hypnotherapist.

    He also presents innovative programs and workshops for organizations seeking to achieve their most audacious goals.

    As an entrepreneur, Chris founded Guru Authority, a marketing agency, and one of the first of its kind back in 2007, dedicated to helping some of the world’s most renowned speakers, authors, and content creators bring their messages to the world.

    He has gone on to facilitate highly profitable online joint venture partnerships and strategic alliances for hundreds of organizations and companies, generating tens of millions in revenues for a notable roster of clients.

    Away from his professional life, Chris can be found improving his own well-being and enjoying his favorite past-times.

    He is an avid musician with a highly regarded body of work as you can listen to here: Chris Chickering Music

    Chris is also a sleight-of-hand magician and a dedicated fitness enthusiast that enjoys hiking with his dog Chili in the mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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    Chris is a firm believer in continuing education and he’s always looking for opportunities to learn and grow.  Some of his degrees, certifications, affiliations, and training include:

    MA in Counseling
    LMHC Licensure in New Mexico
    Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
    Neuro-Linguistic Programming Facilitator
    Tony Robbins’ “Leadership Academy,” & “Date With Destiny”
    Dan Sullivan’s “Strategic Coach”
    Accelerated Learning Techniques
    Trauma-Informed Care
    Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
    Motivational Interviewing
    Crisis Management
    Music therapy
    Group therapy
    Transcendental Meditation
    Yoga Instructor Certification (RYS200)

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    Personal Statement

    “I’ve picked myself up off the ground more times than I can remember. I stay on track by focusing on things I can control like putting in the work, getting off the bench and into the arena of life — as opposed to focusing on things I can’t control like what others think or how things will ultimately turn out. I keep the train moving forward by breaking challenges into the smallest possible steps and always strive to remember: the joy is in the journey.” 

    PS – Here are my top 5 superpowers, and how they can be leveraged to help you achieve the results you want.







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