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    “Chris Chickering is a powerful, dynamic, results-oriented professional…I highly recommend him to you.”
    – Jack Canfield, NY Times Bestselling Author

    “You’ll never find a more persistent and determined professional than Chris Chickering… He is a powerful self-starter and fiercely committed to results.”
    – Paul Scheele, Ph.D., Internationally Recognized Authority on Leadership and Change

    “Chris Chickering’s music can change your life in so many positive ways.”
    – Bob Proctor, Best-selling Author and Star of The Secret

    “Chris Chickering’s “keynote concert” is an amazing, transformative experience – one your audience will cherish for years to come.”
    – Bill O’Hanlon, Oprah-featured author of 39 books

    “Chris Chickering and his band opened up for Michael Franti & Spearhead and raised the vibration of the Santa Fe Yoga Festival ten-fold. Chris’ amazing songs and performance were the perfect complement to our event both on the main stage and during yoga classes. I highly recommend Chris to any organization promoting higher consciousness.”
    – Kurt Young, Founder, The Santa Fe & The Malibu Yoga Festivals

    “When Deepak Chopra spoke at the “Celebrate Your Life” conference in Chicago, near the end of his talk he discussed reinventing yourself and then played your song “Reinvent Yourself.”
    – Steffani, IL

    “Chris Chickering offers listeners in music and songwriting what sages and mystics were carving in stone and have been writing about for eons; essential messages of awakening. Chris is tuned into what we need now, universal lyrics of empowerment, backed by a studio band that is powerful and tight in all of the compositions.”
    – Alan Hutner, Host and Producer of Transitions Radio Magazine

    “Chris’ performance at the New Mexico Counseling Association’s annual conference was amazing and the perfect accompaniment to our conference. Chris’s background as a psychotherapist shines through his powerful songwriting which often strikes at the core of the shared human experience. Thank you, Chris, for helping take our conference to the next level!”
    – Nathan Hoge, Executive Director, New Mexico Counseling Association

    “A fusion of soft rock, pop and folk with meaningful, uplifting lyrics (that) illustrate universal truths about life, dreams, feelings and relationships that people of virtually all walks of life can relate to.”
    – The Mindful Word Magazine

    “Chris Chickering’s music as an instrumental part of the healing process. His beautiful, soothing voice and uplifting lyrics are an inspiration and comfort to those in recovery.”
    – Margie Ahern, M.Ed., Mindfulness Rational Therapist

    “Chris Chickering’s album, Living in the Now, is a record with transformative lyrics, and will speak to anyone on a spiritual path. Co-written and produced by Grammy-nominated and Emmy award-winning songwriter Greg Barnhill, the songs reference timeless, universal truths about the human condition with a focus on connection, love, acceptance, gratitude and peace.”
    – Elevated Existence Magazine

    “Music that lifts us up, that inspires us, and touches our spirit.
    – Vic Johnson, Best-selling Author

    “Chris Chickering’s music provides a lovely ambient back drop to the yoga experience. His music is inspiring, delightful and a magical accompaniment to any gathering.”
    – Surya Little, Yoga teacher for 20+ years.

    “I and our Unity Santa Fe community have been blessed by Chris Chickering’s music on a number of occasions and many of us have experienced his talent at house concerts and other venues as well. I am always touched by the positive and practical spirituality of his lyrics which uplift and inspire. I admire that he has done such a wonderful job weaving together his counseling skills, spirituality and musical talent!”
    – Rev Brendalyn Batchelor, Senior Minister Unity Santa Fe

    “Chris Chickering’s inspirational and empowering music is a perfect fit for any Nia class. His empowering lyrics and uplifting vibrations get bodies moving and grooving while encouraging the emotions and spirit to soar. I’ve choreographed his song “You Got The Power” and my students light up when it comes on! We need more artists dedicated to positive change like Chris!”
    – Kelle Rae Oien, Nia Faculty Trainer

    “We were spellbound by Chris’ performance”
    -Wynonna Judd, Musical artist, Celebrity


    “Every generation produces a few artists who speak from the soul in such a way that their music will transcend time. 
Chris Chickering speaks from the soul, and takes the listener to a place of covered bridges and tree canopied winding back roads.”
    – iTunes reviewer

    “Living in the Now is a total inspiration for those working to evolve their life to a higher level of consciousness. The melodies inspired me to sing along and remained in my head through-out the entire day. Take a listen and join the revolution!”
    – iTunes Reviewer

    “Living in the Now has some of the best songwriting of our generation. Reminds me of the great American singer songwriters (Neil Young, Cat Stevens, etc..) with a modern twist. The lyrics dive into modern day topics around self-actualization.”
    – Amazon.com reviewer

    “Great stuff. Fuel for the journey. Chris serves up a sweet batch of positivity and inspiration. “This or Something Better” has already changed my life for the better. He makes songs that matter!”
    – iTunes reviewer

    “I am already learning to play and sing “Reinvent yourself” and “The Crazy Crazy Ones” that I will translate into Russian and sing in English and Russian during my next concert in Moscow.”
    – Andrea, Italy

    “Chris Chickering herein creates an atmosphere of genuine lyrical emotion and soul, encompassed within a lovely aesthetic of inspiring instrumentals. These tracks manage to be both undeniably catchy yet curiously therapeutic. Highly recommended and not to be missed.”
    – Amazon.com reviewer

    “Chris’ CD (“Living in the Now”) was perfect in setting the stage for the meeting. “Give me everything I want, give me everything I need, give me everything in life that’s coming to me………Give me this or something better!” What we were able to do was to dream together of something better. Thanks again!”
    — Mark, CEO Golden Artist Color

    “This album is a total inspiration for those working to evolve their life to a higher level of consciousness. The melodies inspired me to sing along and remained in my head through-out the entire day. Take a listen and join the revolution!” (“The Resurrection of Me”)
    – iTunes Reviewer

    “This album inspires me. The songs connect with universal problems and leave a sweet aftertaste, the hope that through personal development, obstacles can be overcome. The great thing about the album is that it seems to give the elusive instructions for how to live your dream. That’s more than music. That’s magic.” (“The Resurrection of Me”)
    – iTunes Reviewer

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