"Chris is a powerful, dynamic results-oriented person, who enthusiastically and effectively helped me increase the sales of my courses, books, and audio programs. I Highly Recommend Him To You."

Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield Author, Success Coach, Speaker, CEO at The Canfield Training Group

Jack Canfield bw

"You’ll never find a more persistent and determined professional than Chris Chickering.

He’s a blast of creativity and motivation. His results for our company were spot on target. He launched our joint-venture partnership business into a new stratosphere by his dogged pursuit of business opportunities. He is a powerful self-starter and fiercely committed to results.”

Paul Scheele

Ph.D., CEO at Scheele Learning Systems

"Chris Chickering’s music can change your life in so many positive ways."

Bob Proctor

Best-selling Author and Star of The Secret

bob proctor

“When you need to get the pope on the phone, Chris is your man.

I’ve worked with and coordinated several deals with him. He will bring two interested, complimentary, and quality partners together, facilitate an affiliate arrangement and deal that’s fair to both parties and make sure it executes properly. The first step is making the connection and providing certainty to both parties that the deal makes sense and will benefit both sides. Chris operates with integrity and passion. Highly recommended.”

Mike Koenigs

Entrepreneur & Forbes Contributor, Podcaster, Speaker, Author

“EmPower music and arts is excited to include Chris Chickering on our list of award-winning singer/songwriters.

His performance of his Posi Award Nominated song, “Then I Will Surrender” was a highlight of our 14th Annual Posi Music Awards Show.”

Richard Mekdeci

President/Co-Founder emPower Music & Arts

Richard Mekdeci bw
Ric Thompson HEadshot 2 bw

“Chris Chickering is a rainmaker. Pure and simple.

He pays attention to not just the dollars of every deal he brings to the table, but also to the “sense” of every deal. With a devotion to making sure every deal is a solid, compatible fit with the way we do business it makes working with him a dream. We always know that working with him that he’ll continue to work until everything is delivered, the checks are signed and everyone is happy. I, and my bottom line, wish I had met him years ago!”

Ric Thompson

Helping Entrepreneurs and Sall Businesses Outsource “Techie” Type Tasks

“I have worked with Chris for years now and have enjoyed every conversation we’ve ever had.

He’s so enthusiastic and creative when it comes to ideas for joint ventures that we’ve tried many new things we’d never done before…and best of all, they have been successful!”

Judy Slack

eXp University Content Director

“Chris is a unique person in the field of business development.

Never have I worked with someone who has the ability to bring in real revenue in such a short amount of time. The best part about Chris is that he needs little if no direction in finding partners with integrity that can also add dollar signs to your business.”

Michael Lovitch

Co-Founder Baby Bathwater

“Hearing Deepak Chopra play your song “Reinvent Yourself” at the Celebrate Your Life conference in Chicago was amazing.”

Steffani Fort LeFevour

Best-Selling Author

Josh Anderson bw

“Chris Chickering is a person of high integrity who is a master of handling complex negotiations.

He is also funny as hell and a lot of fun to work with. Chris has two opposite skills you rarely find in a business professional. First is his ability to connect with virtually anyone. Second, he is a master at successfully completing projects. I can not recommend Chris highly enough.”

Josh Anderson

Nashville’s Most-Trusted Realtor

“I am always touched by Chris Chickering’s words and lyrics which uplift and inspire.”

Brendalyn Batchelor

Senior Minister Unity Santa Fe

Rev Brendalyn Batchelor bw
Spike Humer bw

“Chris is a man of immense talent, energy, commitment, and persistence.

Very creative–a true talent in marketing, support, and sales channel development.”

Spike Humer

Business Growth Strategist, Performance Consultant

“Chris gets things done and is meticulous about details and being on time.

Chris has put together some very lucrative deals for us through Joint Ventures and we continue working with him on a regular basis. I highly recommend Chris – he’s a straight shooter who gets the job done. We value his work and look forward to working with him regularly.”

Karim Hajee

CEO at Nutrasen Wellness

“Chris Chickering's Music lifts us up, inspires us, and touches our spirit."

Vic Johnson

Best-Selling Author

“Chris is fantastic listener who pays close attention to the action items presented in meetings.

His personable style and commitment to integrity make doors open where they did not exist. Chris goes the distance and I am pleased to state that he earns my highest recommendation… I would work with Chris in any endeavor.”

Sean Kelley

Consultant, World-class marketer, Growth-hacker

"I recommend Chris as a person to look to when you need advice on establishing joint ventures.

He’s full of knowledge, respected in the industry, and a great asset to any company’s team that brings him in to consult them in their business.”

Dustin Ellard

Marketing Consultant at Precision Impact Media

“Chris Chickering and his band opened up for Michael Franti & Spearhead and raised the vibration ten-fold.

Chris’s amazing songs and performance were the perfect complements to our festival, both on the main stage and during yoga classes. I highly recommend Chris to any event promoting higher consciousness.”

Kurt Young

Founder, The Santa Fe Yoga Festival

“Chris's ability to put a deal together, and get it done smoothly, is amazing.

Our first profitable affiliate relationship was done with him guiding us through the process which was new to us, and it resulted in a big hit for us – close to $30,000 in 3 weeks. I really appreciate his follow-up and attention to detail in every step of the process. It’s the difference between a good relationship and a great one. He’s great.”

Geoff Bysshe

Co-founder at Dataview

"On the phone, I sat back amazed.

Over the course of an hour, Chris laid out the strategies, tactics, and critical mindset needed to quickly produce huge amounts of money with joint venture marketing. Does what he teaches work? You be the judge; 24 hours after learning from him I closed my first deal – one that’ll produce a steady stream of new, paying customers to our business for years to come. You could spend 2-3 years banging the phones trying to figure this stuff out yourself. Or you could talk to Chris and learn what you need in an hour. I guarantee you’ll have a lot more fun if get Chris’ help.”

John Newtson

Founder Pendry Cannon | The Financial Marketing Summit | Revenue Tree

“Chris is a strong asset to any organization looking to increase sales through joint venture partnerships, affiliate, and wholesale arrangements.

He always looks to create win-win scenarios and is a pleasure to work with.”

Dr. Josephine Gross

Co-founder at Gabriel Media Group, Inc.

“Chris has been hitting home runs in every area.

Joint venture partnerships, product development, project management, sales development. If you want a high energy forward thinker, I would definitely recommend Chris.”

Adam Gedde

Senior Enterprise Sales Engineer

Nathan Hoge bw

“Chris’s background as a psychotherapist shines through his powerful songs...

which often strike at the core of the shared human experience. Thank you, Chris, for helping take our conference to the next level!”

Nathan Hoge

Executive Director, New Mexico Counseling Association

“Chris is someone you can really trust to make things happen, and very thorough on the details.

He is well known in the Internet marketing community and represents a great line of products.”

Dwain Jeworski

President at DB Marketing Services

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